• April 14, 2023
  • News

CSE’s Tim Kana and Patrick Barrineau attended Coastal Sediments 2023 (CS’23) in New Orleans this week to present work on shoreline management in New York as well as sea level rise impacts and modeling. Coastal Sediments is an international coastal science and engineering conference that has been held every four years since 1977. Over 300 coastal engineers and scientists from ~30 countries attend this event to discuss the latest research in coastal processes, geomorphology, sediment dynamics, modeling, and practical applications of coastal geology.

Tim was recognized for the distinction of being one of the original Coastal Sediments Conference attendees who has participated in every conference since 1977. He also had the honor of delivering a touching eulogy for mentor Miles Hayes—distinguished coastal geomorphologist and sedimentologist and esteemed oceanographer Paul Komar—a pioneer in longshore sediment transport.

Through these conferences, CSE is actively involved with cutting-edge coastal research produced by academia and industry worldwide. We apply this continuing research and innovative techniques to our coastal restoration projects from New York to the Caribbean.

Learn more about the Coastal Sediments Conference at http://coastalsediments.cas.usf.edu/index.html.