CSE scientists and engineers have completed detailed shoreline assessments at hundreds of sites in a wide range of settings from the tropics to high latitudes. Studies have been completed along micro-, meso-, and macro-tidal shorelines with a range of wave climates and fetches. Our work has led to numerous peer-reviewed papers on coastal erosion, littoral sediment budgets, shore protection, and predictions of sea-level-rise impacts. Shoreline assessments are a critical first step in the evaluation of sites for coastal development. CSE’s world-wide experience in a range of settings allows the development of efficient and cost-effective data collection plans which focus on the primary factors controlling the evolution of the site.

Shoreline Assesments
  • Erosion assessment, project design and construction management for Town of Nags Head (NC) $32 million beach nourishment project.
  • Design and construction management of beach resto-ration project for Bogue Banks in Carteret County (NC), including completion of $19 million beach nourishment project in two phases.
  • Shoreline assessment, design, and construction management for a $4.5 million beach nourishment project, Myrtle Beach (SC).
  • Shoreline erosion assessment and determination of 40-year development setbacks for State of South Carolina.
  • Beach management plan and recommended beach nourishment projects for Brevard County, Florida.
  • Consultant to the South Carolina Coastal Council (SCCC) [now SCDHEC’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM)] on storm damage and erosion control strate­gies for the Grand Strand.
  • Shoreline erosion assessments for Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Sullivans Island and Isle of Palms (SC).
  • Development of a coastal-sediment-transport and oil pollution model (Alaska) for Minerals Management Services.
  • Shoreline assessment and conceptual design for resort waterfront (~225 acres) in Dubaiyeh, Kuwait.
  • Shoreline-erosion analysis, computer-based water-flow study, and wetlands management plan for Debidue Island (SC).
  • Determination of erosion causes and formulation of mitigation measures for Hilton Head Island (SC).
  • Prediction of 25- and 50-year future shorelines for purposes of development setback planning for Myrtle Beach (SC).
  • Beachfront management plan including detailed inventory of conditions for North Myrtle Beach (SC).
  • Shoreline erosion analysis (due to wind) for Atlantic City (NJ).
  • Shoreline assessment and erosion mitigation strategy for Dewees Island (SC).
  • Assessment of erosion causes and alternatives for beach restoration for Togo, Benin, and Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Analysis of shore-protection structures and shore-protection alternatives for Lake Ontario (NY).
  • Regional volumetric erosion rates for nine barrier islands in the Charleston (SC) Bight.
  • Regional sediment budget for Montauk Point to Jones Beach, Long Island (NY).
  • Shoreline assessment and plan for beach restoration via inlet channel realignment at Seabrook Island (SC).
  • Analysis of beach dynamics and the monsoon cycle, Oman, Arabian Gulf.
  • Shoreline erosion assessment and preliminary design for beach restoration at Quogue, Bridgehampton and Sagaponack (NY).