• July 14, 2014
  • News

The Town of Southampton (NY) retained CSE to design a 6-mile-long nourishment project along Bridgehampton and Sagaponack. With 100% local funding, construction began in October and was complete by February despite over 50 days lost due to winter storms.  The $22 million project placed 2,545,000 cubic yards and widened the beach an average of 125 ft.  CSE’s project engineer, Dr. Haiqing Kaczkowski, managed construction and provided close liaison between the Town and Contractor (Great Lakes Dredging & Dock Company).  Partner, First Coastal Corporation (Westhampton) secured permits and provided close liaison with the Beach Erosion Districts established to fund the project.  The deep-water borrow area, located and confirmed by CSE, contained some of the best-quality sand our team has ever used for nourishment.  A dense network of 56 borings confirmed the deposit was probably an active beach ~10,000 years ago when sea level was lower.  The scale of the project nearly matches the total volume of sand placed east of Shinnecock in 14 prior nourishment events dating back to the 1940s. It is also the first project in the area to use an offshore borrow area.