• February 1, 2011
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CSE's Coastal Erosion and Solutions - A Primer

CSE’s Coastal Erosion and Solutions – A Primer

We are pleased to announce that the 2011 edition of CSE’s Primer is now available.  Following its debut in 2003, the updated version includes 12 more pages and expanded discussion of:

  • Sea-level rise
  • Limits of the littoral zone
  • Hurricane impacts and recovery
  • Measurement of erosion
  • Soft-engineering solutions

Single copies of the high-quality printed version (40 pages) are available by request.  A low-resolution version (PDF, 4.6MB) may be downloaded and used without restriction (please cite the work as appropriate).  Bulk copies for use in university classes are available at cost.

Coastal Erosion and Solutions (2nd Edition) includes a new section Conventional Wisdom & Common Misconceptions which will provide a new perspective on your favorite beach.

CSE thanks a growing number of colleagues who have adopted the Primer as a supplementary text for introductory courses in coastal engineering and coastal processes.  Comments are welcome.