• January 7, 2019
  • News
Arcadian Shores In Progress

The Arcadian Shores Beach Renourishment Project nears completion, and as dredging contractor, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company (GLDD) demobilizes from the site, CSE logs its first completed project for 2019. CSE has been managing this project on behalf of Horry County (SC) to realign the main channel in Singleton Swash and place approximately 475,000 cubic yards of beach-quality sand along approximately 6,000 linear feet of shoreline between Apache Pier and Singleton Swash.

Favorable sea conditions have allowed GLDD to work continuously 24 hours a day since December 16th enabling the team to complete the project ahead of schedule. The project has gone very smoothly, and the new sand appears to be compatible with the native beach. Horry County and GLDD are pleased with the quality of sand and the smooth realignment of the swash which utilized excavation equipment to move the primary outlet channel approximately 500-600 linear feet southwest of the Sands Beach Club.

CSE appreciates the opportunity to work with Horry County for two out of three beach nourishment projects performed at Arcadian Shores. In 2008, CSE managed the second Arcadian Shores beach renourishment project and realignment of Singleton Swash. This project is the third at this location (1998, 2008, 2018) and is modeled after the 2008 project. For more information on that project, see http://coastalscience.com/project-item/arcadian-shores-sc-renourishment/ or contact our Columbia office to speak with a project manager.