*SPECIAL NOTICE to Mariners and Beach-Goers*

The R/V Southern Echo will be conducting a hydrographic survey along the near shore waters of Hunting Island, SC Tuesday, February 14th, 2017.  The vessel will be entering the active surf zone frequently throughout the high tide period.  Mariners are reminded the we are of Restricted Ability to Maneuver and asked to please pass our vessel to the stern.  

In addition, CSE’s field crew will be conducting a corresponding survey along the beach utilizing a Polaris Ranger.

For more information, please see below.


CSE’s research vessel, the RV Southern Echo, is used to obtain bathymetric data, sediment samples, and assist in various field research supporting our beach preservation efforts.  The twin-engine craft is equipped with an enclosed cabin and spacious work area which allows for a wide range of services in most weather conditions.  If you see the Southern Echo coming close to shore, we are typically obtaining beach profile (bathymetric) data which are used in conjunction with data collected on land to determine the volume of sand on the beach, and how it changes over time.  See our Coastal Erosion and Solutions Primer for more information.

Safety is our primary concern, so we ask that if you see our boat approaching the shore, to stay a safe distance away.  We will be in and out quickly and hope you enjoy the rest of your day on the beach.