• November 11, 2021
  • News

CSE received the 2021 Coastal Beacon Award at the North Carolina Beaches Inlets and Waterways Association (NCBIWA) annual conference in Wilmington on 4 November 2021. The award is presented annually to a member in good standing of the Association for over 15 years. Randall Woodruff, Board Chairman, and Ken Wilson, Treasurer, presented the award and acknowledged CSE’s long-standing support of NCBIWA conferences through sponsorships and many presentations.

We were indeed surprised and honored to receive the award and look forward to many more conferences. For those unfamiliar with NCBIWA, its membership broadly represents government leaders, academics, consultants, and citizens who advocate for a better coast in North Carolina. This includes educating elected officials and the public on the importance of beach preservation and maintenance of navigation channels. CSE has helped advance the mission of NCBIWA through presentations about sea level rise, tidal inlets, and case studies on our projects in Ocean Isle, Bogue Banks, and the northern Outer Banks.

The coastal engineering community is special to us because it represents a diverse community of researchers who bridge the disciplines of oceanography, geology, civil engineering, and meteorology. We love NCBIWA conferences because they allow us to teach and learn and renew old friendships. Check out their website www.ncbiwa.org or contact Executive Director Kathleen Riely and consider attending the next NCBIWA conference.

NCBIWA-WebsitePictured (left to right):
Steven Traynum, Kathleen Riely,
Haiqing Kaczkowski & Randall Woodruff