DHECCSE is pleased to continue our 8-year partnership with SCDHEC-OCRM (South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management) to monitor South Carolina’s beaches through their BERM (Beach Erosion Research and Monitoring) project. As our 2019-2021 monitoring contract comes to a close, we are honored to be awarded the 2022-2024 contract–continuing services provided to the state since 2013. Coastal monitoring is a critical element of OCRM’s coastal zone management program. This monitoring documents the health and condition of South Carolina beaches and provides data to help managers identify environmental impacts, avoid future adverse impacts, determine renourishment needs, improve storm protection, and manage beach and dune growth or recession.

CSE brings to this project the longest history of beach monitoring in South Carolina. For over 30 years, CSE has collected topographic and bathymetric data on almost every beach and inlet in the state. Our staff is intimately familiar with South Carolina’s coastline based on prior experience mapping shorelines, designing beach nourishment projects, and performing annual monitoring for several communities. Coastal surveys are conducted on land and overwater. Land-based (topographic) surveys measure the beach and dune using a survey rod and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver. Overwater (bathymetric) data is collected on a marine vessel equipped with underwater survey equipment. These surveys are also documented with aerial and panoramic imagery captured by unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Each year, CSE collects and processes data collected at all OCRM survey sites and provides digital files to the agency for review and documentation.

CSE values the trust OCRM has placed in our monitoring services. We look forward to supporting the BERM project for another three years.